Featuring... RAG List

An app to help you track what's important in your life and build consistency in achieving your goals, and an online platform to help you find your accountability partner. Every night at midnight, RAG List copies your goals and action lists from the previous day over to the next. This allows you to track time spent on them and review their progress over days and months. RAG stands for Red Amber Green, a traffic light based visual status of your goal.

RAG List Goal: To become your ultimate achievement tool

  • Create goals and action lists, and track their achievement over time
  • Share progress with your accountability partners via email daily or weekly
  • Improve consistency at getting things done and build positive momentum using traffic lights
  • Review time spent on goals and longest streaks of achievement, so you can aim for better
  • Monitor your health stats and strive for a healthier you
  • Track your personal inner growth to align yourself with your priorities
  • Make journal entries to rediscover your past and build on it
  • Share action lists with others directly through the app
  • Access your information across multiple devices and offline as well
  • Join a community of growth seekers